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Everybody can download these typefaces. The homeless people here have worked with me and allowed me to design the typefaces with their handwriting. I aim to bring visibility and encourage discussion about the condition of homeless people. I hope that, in exchange for the free typeface, people will open up the dialogue, think about the experience and lives of homeless people.


“A little kindness” gives each typeface author a poster promoting their own handwritten font. I hope the poster attracts the attention of passers-by thereby increasing the life opportunities of the homeless authors.These font writers worked hard. I merely present opportunity here to provide some small support to those who are homeless to get back to normality again.


All the fonts on this website are free. Even if you wanted to pay, I couldn't provide the typeface authors' contact information or bank account details, because most of them don't have a bank account. They have no phone number, no address, no phone. But, if you were ever to see the posters, remember you can donate.


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